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Category: Food & Drinks


Jal comes to your home to make your romantic candlelight dinner ‘dream’ come true

Does it feel like an entire janam since you’ve been on a date? Well, you’re not ..


Want to have that ‘oh so perfect’ Italian meal? Do visit Quenchyard after lockdown

What’s common between Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and our beloved Indore? Well, these cities are ..


If you have a thing for books and cozy cafes, you MUST visit this place after lockdown is lifted

A book can change your reality; it can change your mind-set. Avid book readers must admit that..


Dude, you were duped! One-third of whiskey in the world is FAKE: Experts

What are the easiest and the most recognizable ways to flex your cash and feel a bit classy at..


Easy-to-make spreads and dips recipes you just can’t afford to miss

Dips and spreads are great party food that can be prepared ahead of time, made in large quanti..


Desi looks, firangi style, loads of luscious cuisines – Foodgasm guaranteed!

No foodie can skip a foodgasm if he/she gets an opportunity to relish a meal that’s flavorso..


PUNCHIN – A perfect blend of two Punjabi & Chinese words, cooking style, cuisine

PUNCHIN – A perfect blend of two Punjabi and Chinese words. And it’s not just the name but..


Twilight saga: This delectable blend of palate and plating is simply WOW

Ever wondered about venturing into a hideout in the heart of the city? A place that welcomes y..


Get the grill on: Tips to help you host the perfect barbecue party at home

While it is quite chilly during the evenings, all that pleases us maybe is a hot cuppa coffee ..


Where to get your South Indian food fix in Indore? Read this!

What comes to your mind when you say South Indian food? Easy, light, comfort food, reasonably ..


Indoreans can now savor some real biryani, and that too by kilo

Biryaaaaaani!! Well, what’s the first emotion that this word evokes in your mind? Flavoured ..

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