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Category: Sex & Relationship


Knotty affairs on the rise in city; married men, women now looking for casual e-hook-ups

Yaar… It’s lockdown and baithe baithe kya kare karna hai kuch kaam. Kaam? Yes, a whole lot..


Want to know the exact time when women feel the horniest? Read on

A recent survey conducted by sex-toy company Lovehoney has revealed some startling facts...


Intimacy in times of Covid-19: Catch feelings, and not Coronavirus

“Come over, no one’s home,” probably the most exciting five-letter phrase for all of us...


Locked down couples get naughty: Condom, pregnancy test kit sales boom in the city

Aaj khush toh bohot hoge tum? Tell me honestly if that wasn’t the first thought that came to..


Kya karein? Here are some things you two can do together this Valentine’s Day!

Starting February, one can feel the love in the air. And as soon as the Valentine’s Day star..


Sexting: Study reveals why adults really sext and it’s not for sex! HUH

Come on, don’t go “hawww, aisa kaun karta hai”on us, alright! All of us, we mean, all of..


Go missionary tonight – but with these little twists – to achieve the Big O

The missionary position has acquired a bit of a bad rep for being the plain Jane of the sex wo..

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